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perezj   Joanna Perez
   Violin, Feddle

Joanna Perez is skilled on the violin both in Classical and Fiddle styles.  She enjoys playing all styles, especially fiddle.
Studying violin for nine years, Joanna's background includes String Camps at Stephen F Austin and playing in the East Texas Youth Orchestra.   She studied with Lacey Carpenter, learning the Fiddle.   After graduating from Robert E Lee High School, she went to basic training in the Army reserves.  The army has expanded so many great possibilities for me, such as college.  I plan to study Forensic Pathology and minor in Music. 

Music is everything, it's a form of living.  Without music, the world would be so bland. My main goal as a teacher is to inspire my students to become great musicians, to share my knowledge and watch them grow as artists.