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vinny   Vincenzo (Vinny) Pietropaoli
   Drumline Preperation, Advance Drumset
  Vinny brings to the studio his Professional experience as a performer and teacher of Drumline preparation and advanced drumset. He has a background as a long-term session drummer in New York where he recorded for various Artists, Commercials, and television series sound tracks. Before that, in his early career he was drum instructor for the Pittsburgh Rockets and Green Trojans Drum and Bugle Corp.where he initiated the development of the modern style drumline.

"I am looking forward to working with serious students who want to develop their skills as a drummer. I will help you attain your goals with your hard work and my expertise. Music is a form of expression and must be projected as exciting when being performed as an artist. A drummer sets the mood of the music with timbre and tempo. I am prepared to make you as good as you can be. The drummer commands the respect and leadership the band or orchestra."   Vinny Pietropaoli