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   Teachers:  Charlotte Floyd, Melody Armstrong, Pam West, Radiance Williams, Synnamon Ferguson

Piano lessons for Young Beginners: Our success with young beginners comes from having an understanding of how to teach five and six year old students. They are eager to learn and soak up information as fast as it is presented.· Children are born with a natural love for music and rhythm.·· Lessons are 30 minutes long and include a variety of time at the piano and music learning activities.

Piano lessons for Elementary and Early Intermediate: Lessons are 30 minutes long and privately taught.·· We select traditional curriculums that are current and creative with an emphasis on reading, rhythm and dynamics.··· Developing good "piano hands" is a priority.·· Music theory is incorporated in the lessons so students have an understanding of the music they are learning.

Piano lessons for Late Intermediate and Advanced:  Lessons are 30 minutes to 1 Hour long and privately taught.    Emphasis can be Classical Repertoire, Improvisation and Jazz.  Students who are interested in using their music at church are taught to play hymns and praise music.      We feel that it is important to be flexible in selecting our student's curriculum with consideration of their interests.   With many demands on their time, music studies should be interesting and rewarding.

Adult Piano lessons:  Whether you want to improve or you are just beginning, it is always a good time to take piano lessons. There are many benefits from studying music as an adult.   Learning something new is always good, however studies have proven that learning a music instrument is one of the very best ways to exercise the brain and add balance in the adult years.   When adults first begin, they are reminded that taking piano lessons should be totally for pleasure, not an added responsibility.

Piano Lessons are 30 minutes to 1 hour long and privately taught.  Curriculum is chosen according to individual goals.   If your goals include playing at church, we are interested in helping you learn to play hymns and praise music.